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Things you can do on a Golf Cart in Destin, FL

As Street Legal Golf Carts gain popularity we sometimes forget that not everyone knows about these amazing little 4 wheeled givers of joy! When we tell folks that our Destin

Why would you want to rent a Golf Cart?

It has taken people a long time to break away from the old ways of vacationing. In fact most folks still imagine vacationing as getting the family together and staying

How we got into the golf cart rental business.

Years ago, long before golf carts needed to be street legal in Destin, we bought our first golf cart at a yard sale for $800 (See picture of our 1st

Destin Golf Cart Rentals

  While you are vacationing at Destin you may want to choose an alternate mode of transportation. Electric golf carts are a fun and environmentally friendly way to get around


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